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Stephanie Slate is a mixed media artist who mainly works with alternative process photography and printmaking. Slate was born in the USA in 1986 and received her BFA in Photography from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY and her MFA in Studio Art from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pa. Her work has been exhibited internationally, featured in publications and is in numerous private and public collections.


Slate's work focuses on the exploration of the body as a transcendent vessel. 


She uses historical processes such as photogravure to create images that float in a moment of limbo, stuck between the real and the imagined.


Her work tells stories of the detaching of self from the physical and emotional connection to the earthly world, resulting in ethereal moments when said connection is questioned and temporarily lost. 


Through these works Slate invites the viewer to reflect on humanity's relationship to the self and the timelessness of the human experience. 

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